20~50人   |  教育/培训


At LearningLeaders, we believe that everyone has the right to be heard, respected, and understood. We have developed a systematic approach to empower our learners through fourteen different public speaking and debate courses offered in our LearningCenters here in Shanghai. Long-term, we will create a virtual-reality-based platform and two-sided marketplace that link our world class coaches to learners all over the globe. 在LearningLeaders,我们相信所有人都值得被倾听,被尊重和被理解。 作为在上海一家深耕英文辩论和演讲的公司,我们专长培养学生的逻辑思辨能力,引导学生发展并且有效运用沟通技能。在不久的将来我们还会建立一个VR平台,将我们世界级的教练和各地的学员紧密联系起来。

公司地址Room 305, Building 3, No. 66 Xianfeng Street, Minhang