Business Development Manager
赢创德固赛(中国)投资有限公司Evonik Degussa (China) Co., Ltd.
  • 面议
  • 上海
  • 经验 不限
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  • 发布于1970-01-01

Purpose of position: 1. Support profitable growth and strategic development of Evonik in Asia Pacific 2. Identify & explore new business opportunities in alignment with businesses and functions 3. Monitor macroeconomic and market trends and derive opportunities and risks 4. Support businesses and functions in market analyses and strategic projects (incl. M&A) 5. Help providing key information and ideas to top management in Region Core tasks: The Business Development Manager handles a broad and versatile spectrum of tasks, that flexiblyneeds to adapt to current requirements in Evonik and the local market. This includes for example: 1. Lead, individually drive, or support projects of BLs, Divisions, Region, or Group 2. Identify new business opportunities via desktop research & customer approach (aligned with BL) 3. Act as sales representative or coordinator for businesses with still subcritical local presence 4. Help launch products into new markets or specific local applications 5. Initiate, facilitate and support cross-BL/Division, resp. cross-functional activities 6. Support regional management (incl. BLs/Functions) to develop & implement regional growth agendas 7. Monitor macroeconomic & market trends as well as key competitors\' & peers\' landscape 8. Search and identify potential M&A targets based on profound insights of local market dynamics 9. Support advocacy approach, help build-up and maintain Evonik network with strategic stakeholders 10. Liaise and coordinate with key stakeholders in Cluster and Region, inside and outside of Evonik 11. Ensure alignment with businesses and functions to prioritize resources and maximize impact 12. Actively share knowledge and best practices locally, regionally, and globally




赢创工业集团是一家全球领先的特种化工企业。 我们不生产汽车轮胎、床垫、平板电脑或者动物饲料,但这些终端商品都含有赢创的产品。通常,只需使用很少量的赢创产品便能带来飞跃式的性能提升。这就是赢创如何让轮胎更节能,床垫更有舒适,药片更有效,以及动物营养更健康的秘密——特种化学品。而我们正是全球最好的特种化学品公司之一。 赢创是一家全球领先的特种化工企业。业务遍及全球100多个国家和地区,2019财年,赢创创造了约131亿欧元的销售额,营业利润(调整后税息折旧及摊销前利润)达21.5亿欧元。赢创正在超越化学边界,为客户提供创新、增长性的和可持续的解决方案。我们的32000多名员工相信:日复一日,赢创让生活更加美好。