Electronic Hardware Development Engineer
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  • 上海
  • 经验 5年以上
  • 全职
  • 发布于2021-09-13

1. Elaborate a specification of hardware design for power electronic products. 2. Prepare and handle design tasks according to internal as well as national/international standards. 3. Carryout hardware design activities in alignment with different functions and hardware coordinators. 4. Communicate and cooperate with external partners for design activities. 5. Ensure design activities to be carried out in a timely, effective manner. 6. Represent hardware topics in different discussions. 7. Perform and accompany hardware tests.


Basic Requirements: 1. Working experience at least 5 years experience in hardware design in the power electronic area, automotive industry and E-mobility background is preferred. 2. Education Bachelor or Master in Engineering 3. English Listening, speaking, reading and writing ability (required) 4. German Listening, speaking, reading and writing ability (preferred, not a must) 5. Computer Proficiency in MS Office software (required). 6. Qualification Knowledge on automotive industry standards Requirement, Professional Skills and Abilities: 1. Knowledge of E-mobility relevant technologies 2. Experience in the automotive industry 3. Hardware design capability and experience 4. Good organizational & analytical skills 5. Skills of coordination and technical communication: English is required, German as a plus. 6. Involvement in teamwork 7. Available for short term and long-term business travel (domestic and international) 8. Capable to work in a team, supporting and implementing team’s decisions 9. Excellent communication skills 10. Proactive in problem-solving 11. Precise and accurate in tasks completion and follow-up of pending issues 12. Able to be stable and productive under pressure and adverse conditions 13. Willing to compromise as an individual when there is a conflict between the interests of the individual and those of the organization




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