Data Scientist
  • 面议
  • 上海
  • 经验 3年~5年
  • 全职
  • 发布于2021-09-13

1. Design, consult and implement full life-cycle Data Science, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence use cases 2. Product ownership for cross-functional development projects (lead and execute) of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions 3. Establish Data Science and Artificial Intelligence related routines, develop data and Analytics standards and guidelines, create, live & share a “ZF data mindset” 4. Engage in business enablement and ideation workshops to identify relevant use cases within ZF, be the main connect to and actively advise internal customers 5. Engage in national/international data, tech & research communities and support ZF to stay up to date to market developments


1. Bachelor’s degree (Masters preferred) in Mathematics, Physics or Computer Sciences (or equivalent) with fundamental knowledge of data science, (big data) analytics and AI technologies, processes and procedure models 2. 3+ years of experience in Data Science, (Big Data) Analytics, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, project management, product and application development and other related disciplines within a consultative or corporate environment 3. Good knowledge of advanced analytics, machine learning and other related statistical and/or artificial intelligence methods, programming languages such as Python or R including associated data, analytics and ML frameworks/libraries and analytics tools and technology (Microsoft Azure, Databricks, NoSQL, MS Power BI etc.) 4. Passion for data, always striving to learn new things and at the same time applying your skills and new technology to bring value to our business partners 5. Highly motivated and open personality, outstanding ability to communicate, personal commitment, organizational skills, flexibility, creativity, teamwork




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