Cashier Officer
  • 面议
  • 合肥
  • 经验 1年~3年
  • 全职
  • 发布于2021-10-13

1. Responsible for company cash income in according with the regulations of the state on the cash management; 2. Handling the employee borrowing for business purpose and maintain the checking list of borrowing and follow up each case afterwards 3. Operational and investment payment through e-bank and bank counter; 4. Management of bank note and check 5. Establish cash accounts, registration cash receipts and fills in the cash account, bank balance report, daily settlement 6. Accounting company daily work, opening/closing bank account 7. Collect cash income payment plan deals, and doing Weekly / Monthly liquidity plan 8. Flow up guideline of VW Group treasury, set up down payment guarantee process. 9. Responsible for domestic bank guarantees opening issues 10. Communicate with group treasury to check down payment guarantee 11. Responsible for import machine down payment whole process tracing and original guarantee keeping 12. Responsible for L/C business process internally and externally, e.g.L/C review / opening / revising, communication with bank. 13. L/C status tracing, including L/C documents arriving payment.


1. Completed bachelor\'s in finance area 2. At least 1 years of professional experience 3. Fluent English, spoken and written, required 4. Be skilled in office software and SAP 5. Excellent organizational skills, communication skills, a high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm




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