Quality Lab Engineer
  • 面议
  • 合肥
  • 经验 5年以上
  • 全职
  • 发布于2021-10-13

1. Leading the laboratory metal, polymer, electric, cleanliness; 2. Organization of battery system related information of material metal, polymer, electric, cleanliness and oil exchange in Lab network and factory; 3. Ensure the development of the test procedures and the analytical methods for technical lab work (e.g. metal material, polymer, process material, electric and cleanliness analysis as well as oil analysis etc.). 4. Create an environment of transparent open culture especially for the knowledge transfers to new project and other VW branches 5. Budget related organization of the laboratory; efficient use of manpower and testing machine. 6. Ensure the detailed material analysis in production, input test and failure analysis from plant/field 7. Ensure the internal/external auditing and supplier standardization 8. Elaborate and establish process for material technology evaluation of suppliers for battery system 9. Laboratory accreditation by K-GQL and the target of the VW Group lab audit


1. Master or comparable, PhD or comparable in Material Sciences and or Mechanical 2. Engineering, preferably additional education abroad 3. At least 5 years’ experience on the task area of the laboratory 4. Chinese, fluent German and/or English 5. Knowledge in Office, LIMS, Nolis, KVS, Image Access, material data base etc. 6. Integrity, precise work, pursuit of science 7. Good flexibility and resistance to stress, assertiveness 8. Integrity and value-driven working style, compliant to rules and regulation 9. Remain accountable when mistake happens and be able to speak up if something goes wrong




大众汽车(安徽)零部件有限公司由大众汽车自动变速器(天津)有限公司投资建立,公司厂区位于安徽省合肥市经开信创产业园。 公司于2021年7月成立,为大众汽车集团(中国)旗下企业。公司生产高压动力电池包,主要供给大众汽车(安徽)有限公司基于集团MEB平台的新能源车型预计于2023年下半年批量生产。公司的智能化工厂应用高新技术设备和系统,在大众汽车集团及汽车行业电动化过程中占据重要地位。 大众汽车(安徽)零部件有限公司作为新能源汽车的电池生产基地,彰显了大众汽车集团决胜移动出行领域的决心,并持续为行业和社会带来价值。同时,公司将通过多元化的发展平台和完善的人才发展路径,助力每一位员工实现职业梦想,成就更好的自己!