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1. 负责控制技术,从最初的设计到机器原型的实施和测试,从而提高公司在克雷菲尔德现场控制器设计领域的能力,也是全球范围内的集团级别。 2. 使用常见的前沿数学方法设计控制器,在仿真环境和 HIL 系统中测试控制器行为,并在 PLC 环境中实现控制器 - 尤其是使用 Codesys。 3. 测试和故障排除,包括在德国的机器原型上,也有可能在中国,以确保一切都完美契合开发实施。 As our control engineer, you are right at the front when it comes to leading our products technologically into the future and thereby consolidating our market position as an innovative and successful construction machinery manufacturer! 1. Mobile machines move great things – also thanks to you: Because you will take responsibility for our control technology from the initial design up to implementation and testing on machine prototypes, thereby increasing our capabilities in the area of controller design within the Krefeld site and also worldwide at Group level. 2. You will design controllers using common and cutting-edge mathematical approaches, test the controller behavior in simulation environments and HIL systems and implement controllers in PLC environments - especially with Codesys. 3. During testing and troubleshooting you will be involved, whether on machine prototypes in Germany or, if necessary, in China, to ensure that everything fits perfectly all the way through to the implementation of your developments.


1. 有电气工程、汽车工程、机电一体化、机械工程或相关领域的学位,Dipl.-Ing. or MSc.。 2. 对控制设计的通用和创新方法的杰出知识以及至少 5 年数学控制设计不同方法的经验,尤其是状态空间、H2、LQR 等。能够展示成功应用一种或多种上述控制器设计方法的项目。 3. 热情洋溢,接受偶尔来中国出差。分析和概念技能以及务实的方法——强调创造力,良好的中英文语言沟通能力,并欣赏在国际开发团队中取得的顶级成果。 投递链接: How to score points with us: 1. You have successfully completed your technical studies in electrical engineering, automotive engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering or in a related field as Dipl.-Ing. or MSc. 2. You convince us with your foresight and professional qualities - including outstanding knowledge of common and innovative approaches to control design and at least 5 years of experience with the different methods for mathematical control design, especially with state-space, H2, LQR, etc. You are able to demonstrate projects in which you have successfully applied one or more of the aforementioned controller design methods. 3. You are enthusiastic and enjoy occasional business trips to China. In addition, you are characterized by your analytical and conceptual skills as well as by your pragmatic approach - with your personality that emphasizes creativity, communicates very well in English and Chinese and appreciates achieving top results in an international team of developers. Application URL:


上班地址:Krefeld, 北莱茵-威斯特法伦, 德国


Construction machinery for the world - by XCMG! Welcome to XCMG! We are one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers worldwide. Our excavators, cranes, earthmoving and road construction machines are moving great things in the construction, mining and energy industry. The XCMG European Research Center in Krefeld plays an important role: Here we develop key technologies in the fields of hydraulics, drive and control systems, electronics and software. Or, more precisely: You do that! As part of a strong team of enthusiastic engineers, you will help us to achieve our goal - to create the most efficient, environmentally sustainable, functional and ergonomic construction machinery. In order to achieve this, we offer our employees a great amount of freedom, direct communication channels and many opportunities to make themselves progress: Because innovation lives from ideas.