• 面议
  • 北京
  • 经验 3年~5年
  • 全职
  • 发布于1970-01-01

Your Responsibilities: 1. Completing theimplementation of software system codes, writing code annotations anddeveloping documents. 完成软件系统代码的实现,编写代码注释和开发文档。 2. Completecoding, debugging, testing, and maintenance according to design documents orrequirements. 根据设计文档或需求说明完成代码编写,调试,测试和维护。 3. Supporting theintegration of the software platform. 给软件平台的集成提供支持。 4. Build, implement and maintain OAP-software (Openapplication platform) for vehicle cen-tric Location Based Services. 为以车辆为中心的基于位置的服务构建、实施和维护OAP软件(开放式应用程序平台) 5. Analyzingrequirements and designing of system and software architecture. 系统与软件体系结构的需求分析与设计。 6. Analyzing andproblem-solving in software development processes. 分析并解决软件开发过程中的问题。


Our Requirements: 1. Finished bachelor’s degree or above in engineeringwith 3+ years of strong provable work-ing experience as software engineer. 本科或以上学历,工程类专业。3年以上软件工程师工作经验。 2. Very good knowledge of Java, JavaScript or otherobject-oriented coding languages and knowledge of.XML/JSON and Shell Script. 精通Java、Java脚本或其他的编码语言以及熟悉可扩展标记语言,JavaScript 对象简谱和外壳脚本。 3. Deep knowledge of backend server products andscalable system development. Experi-ence with Azure/AWS, Java, RESTFUL, DataBases, NoSQL, etc. platforms/technologies. 具有后台服务器产品开发和可扩展系统的开发的经验。熟悉Azure/AWS,Java,RESTFUL,数据库,NoSQL等平台或技术。 4. Richexperience of source code management tools, e.g. Git, SVN .etc . 丰富的源代码管理工具经验,如Git, SVN等。 5. Experience inautomation testing, unit testing, and continuous integration as well asde-ployment technologies. 具有自动化测试和单元测试以及持续集成和分布技术的经验。 6. Extensive experience with agilesoftware development processes in a distributed environ-ment and correspondingtooling(like Jira, Confluence). 在分布式环境和利用相关工具的情况下(如JIRA、Confluence),对敏捷软件开发有着丰富的经验。 7. Knowledge ofLocation Based Services and advanced knowledge on security . 了解基于位置服务和最新的安全相关知识。 8. Experiencewith embedded operating systems is preferred. 有嵌入式操作系统经验者优先。 9. Outstandingskills in communications and team working. 具有良好的沟通能力和团队合作精神。 10. Reliableappearance in front of customers and suppliers. 在客户和供应商面前表现的可靠,专业。 11. Willingnessfor long term commitment. 愿意长期担任工作岗位。 12. Englishbusiness fluent; German language capability is a plus. 英语流利,会德语者优先。




Pixida Group is an innovative engineering company with focus on digitalization and mobility solutions for different industries. Our consultants and developers offer expertise in the fields of IoT, Telematics, Location-based Services, Multimedia, Driver Assistance Systems, Cloud Solutions and Data Analytic. They design tailor-made products and applications for highly challenging technical environments to meet individual customer requirements across all sectors at a global level. Pixida is international. The company’s cooperation and exchange of knowledge transcend national borders beyond Germany, USA, Brazil and China. Pixida China is a subsidiary established in 2017, follows the corporate vision to shape future mobility and digitalization with a focus on the Chinese market. To realize this goal we are looking for new technology passionate employees to expand our team.