Assistant Research Scientist for automation run-time system 自动化实时系统助理研究员
  • 3K-5K
  • 青岛
  • 经验 应届毕业生
  • 实习
  • 发布于1970-01-01

- Technology research (automation algorithm survey, patent search, product review) in the technology field of factory automation, including pharmaceutical, manufacture lines, etc.; - Leading in technology accumulation of manufacture automation, e.g. robot, co-bot, run-time software / algorithm in non-standard producing lines; - Collect and identify customer needs on manufacture automation and define pilot projects which use the advanced automation technology, - Collaborate with Siemens colleagues, partners and customers to implement factory automation solutions, including but not limited to automation solution design, programming, installing & deploying, testing & analysis, reports filing, etc.; - Help develop the advanced automation ecosystem, attract partners, accumulate domain knowledge, and develop customized solutions for different industries.


- Master degree and above in Automation, Computer Scientist, Communication Engineering, Information Engineering, math; - 3 years’ experience worked in automation, robot or software company who do algorithm research or development - Capable of programming, familiar at least one language like C/C++/Python; - Knowledge about “Made in China 2025” and “Industry 4.0”, the concept of manufacturing; - Experienced on automation run-time system is preferred; - Experienced on UI design, Hardware design, machine design is preferred; - Experienced on control system, PLC programing is preferred; - Good oral and written communication skills in both Chinese and English. - Good team work spirit and task oriented.




西门子股份公司是全球领先的技术企业,170余年来不断致力于卓越的工程技术、创新、品质、可靠性和国际化发展。公司业务遍及全球,专注于电气化、自动化和数字化领域。作为最大的高效能源和资源节约型技术企业之一,西门子在高效发电和输电解决方案、基础设施解决方案、工业自动化、驱动和软件解决方案等领域占据领先地位。依托公开上市的子公司西门子医疗股份公司,西门子也是计算机断层扫描和磁共振成像系统等医疗成像设备,以及实验室诊断和临床IT领域领先的技术领导者。 2018财年(2017年10月1日至2018年9月30日),西门子在中国的总营收达到81亿欧元。西门子在中国拥有超过33000名员工,中国已成为西门子第二大海外市场。