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伍尔特(中国)投资有限公司 Würth (China) Holding Co., Ltd
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Sales Representative/ 销售代表 Sales - Division Crafts /销售 – 装配技术、汽车和建筑部 职责:  Do some market research, make customer lists, get contacts, find out the price and quality level of the customers, sources they use, competition etc.做相关的市场调查形成客户的名单并取得联系,获取客户处的价格及质量水平、来源及竞争对手名单等信息。  Visit potential customers in assigned area as well as introducing them to our showroom在指定区域拜访潜在客户,并介绍客户至样板间参观。  Maintain customer relationship and track one-to-one service客情关系维护及一对一跟踪服务  Coordinate with other related departments to offer good service to customers同其他相关部门合作为客户提供很好的服务  Responsible for achieving sales targets of all customers in assigned area负责完成指定区域内所有客户的销售目标  Comply to company’s procedure遵守公司流程  Other works assigned by company公司分派的其他工作 培训:  SAP  business ethics 商业道德  Office Software training 办公自动化培训  Fire Practice 消防演习  First Aid Training 急救培训  6S  ISO 9001 & EHS knowledge ISO9001质量管理体系和环境健康安全知识  Safety 安全培训  Basic Fastener Knowledge 基础紧固件知识  Negotiation skills 谈判技巧  Presentation skills 演说技巧


 College degree or above大专及以上学历  Preferred major in Wood, Business, Trading or relevant discipline 林业技术、商务或贸易专业等相关专业优先考虑  Wood furniture related sales experience is preferred具备木制家具相关销售经验者优先  Sales oriented and target driven销售导向,以目标为行动导向  Have quick wit, courage to develop, strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills头脑灵活,勇于开拓,责任心强,沟通能力强  Able to work with high efficiency and team-spirit工作有效率和团队合作精神  Strong problem solving ability较强的问题解决能力  Be able to work under pressure能在压力下工作  Good health conditions身体健康




伍尔特集团 全球连接部件业务的领导者 伍尔特集团处于全球装配和紧固件业务市场的领导地位。伍尔特集团在全球80多个国家拥有超过400多家公司,逾7.7万名员工。2018年集团全球销售额达到136亿欧元。 伍尔特直线中国是伍尔特集团中一家年轻、充满活力并且快速成长的公司。目前,我们在全国100多个城市建立了完善的销售服务网络。 我们的产品种类主要包括高品质的紧固件、化工品、手动工具、劳防用品、刃具磨料、锚栓等。此外,我们为客户提供一系列的系统解决方案和沟通渠道,帮助他们改善采购,库存,物流和成本管理。 我们的中央办公室坐落于上海,公司占地面积4000多平米,先进的培训中心设有系统、汽车、装配技术和建筑培训室。在这里,您拥有的是一个国际化的平台,将融入一个热情洋溢、高度专业的团队,您每天都会面对新的挑战,突破自己,展示您更多的能力。 伍尔特,期待与您共同成长! Würth Group World market leader in the trade with connecting materials The Würth Group is world market leader in its core business, the trade in assembly and fastening material. It currently consists of over 400 companies in more than 80 countries and has over 77,080 employees on its payroll. In 2018, the Würth Group generated total sales of EUR 13.6 billion. Würth Line China, a young, dynamic and fast growing business entity of Würth Group. Currently, we have a national sales & service network in more than 100 cities across China. Our main product ranges are high-quality Fasteners, Chemicals, Tools, PPE, Material Processing, Anchors, etc.. In addition, we offer our customers a series of System Solutions and Contact Points to improve their procurement, stock, logistic and cost management. Our Central Office is located in Shanghai, with an office area of more than 4,000 square meters, and an advanced training center equipped with System, Auto, Metal and Construction Training Rooms. In Würth, you will get into an international platform and an enthusiastic and professional team. At the same time, you will face up to new challenges, breakthrough and have the chance to show more of your abilities. Würth, looking forward to growing with you together!