System Validation Engineer
  • 面议
  • 苏州
  • 经验 3年~5年
  • 全职
  • 发布于1970-01-01

•Leading or participating forming and sealing area or sleeve/filler interface improvement/development activities of Small Format fillers in qualification of new material from in-house test over prototype and field test until serial release. Providing all required feedback on performance, progress and settings, describe bottle necks and solutions. •Independently planning and executing the qualification test of forming and sealing or sleeve/filler interface modifications / optimizations according to company requirements in designated timeframe. Documenting the qualification tests in all steps. •Leading or supporting the troubleshooting of the forming and sealing area or sleeve/filler interface of Small Format filling machine requested by GM or GE&A in order to minimize the possible downtime of the customers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' operation. •Analyzing and indicating of weak points about forming and sealing area or package integrity of small format filling machine and providing proposal of solutions. •Advanced knowledge for whole Filler and package to solve problem with systematic idea. •Participate in all relevant internal and customer meetings where assigned by his supervisor. Support customers, GM and GE&A with know-how. •Close cooperation with all departments involved in the development activities. •Supporting field tests and roll out activities of board and structure changes. •Accomplish special tasks or assignments given by his supervisor in the frame of the company interest. •Document expert practice and problem solving steps. •As an employee of SIG Combibloc, you are entitled to behave by yourself and support other colleagues to strictly follow the EHS instruction and direction of the company, to ensure your own occupational health and safety, and also that of others who are affected by their actions or negligence.


•Bachelor degree or higher in Mechanical Design/Engineering / Manufacturing or in Electrical Engineering or Automation •Strong capability of problem-solving with logic, analytical, systematic thinking.




SIG康美包是全球领先的无菌食品饮料纸盒包装及灌装机供应商。公司总部位于瑞士莱茵河畔的Neuhausen,在全球65个国家/地区设有运营机构,共有超过5000名员工。目前SIG康美包集团隶属于加拿大Onex私募股权投资公司。 SIG康美包(苏州)有限公司是SIG康美包集团在中国的全资子公司,早在1985年便正式进入中国市场。2004年位于苏州工业园区占地六万平方米的SIG康美包纸盒包材生产基地正式投入生产。2010年SIG康美包在苏州开设了灌装机组装中心。目前,SIG康美包苏州工厂包材年产能达到120亿包。2017年亚太区技术中心筹建,落户苏州园区,并于2017年5月举行隆重奠基仪式。作为SIG集团除总部以外的第一大技术中心,总建筑面积达1.6万平方米,总投资超3.2亿,目前已投入使用。 今天,SIG康美包的中国客户涵盖了国内领先的乳品、饮料和食品生产企业。在上海和北京两个办事处的业务支持下,SIG康美包将一如既往地致力于为中国客户提供优异而全面的市场、销售以及技术服务。