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General · To provide Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) services related technical support for BBT-E project team for all R&D infrastructure projects (including Test Center II and EWS extension projects, modification to the existing four R&D buildings). · To provide design service and coordinate any technology works relating to Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) works for all sub projects of R&D infrastructure projects. (All the detail design works will be carried out by equipment supplier or Local Design Institute, however, there are situations that different technical options need to be investigated and evaluated, recommendations needs to be found, therefore some calculations are required to enable solutions to be found, in this case, this MEP service package is calling for some calculations works to assist the decision making process.) · The MEP services will be having a focus on the testing equipment related services design and related quality check. The mentioned MEP services will including the heating system, chilled water system, ventilation system, air conditioning system, high pressure water mist system, compressed air system, industrial gas system, equipment related fire alarm, detection and safety system (focusing on how equipment related FAS is connecting to building related FAS system), electrical power supply system, energy metering system, automatic control system etc. · To carry out quality check of the required quality of any MEP related topics associated with Technology equipment design by equipment suppliers. · Train and support local BBA planners in building up knowledge in equipment design and implementation. · To provide necessary technical solutions for any MEP related topics. · As and when required, to produce calculation sheets, document and drawings, associated with MEP services during the project. · Knowledge of the BIM Revit modelling is preferable as BBA is currently using BIM Revit throughout the company for drawings, modelling and collision check. · Two full time MEP consulting services are required. Technical Support during Equipment Design Period · To technically check and approve the MEP design from equipment suppliers, steer supplier-drawing submission and track the design drawing status. Including manage “master list” and steer supplier drawing submission, reflect the design drawing status up to date. · To agree and manage the interface points of MEP services between Technology and Construction and make suggestions to avoid collisions between equipment and MEP services or MEP services of technology and construction. · To carry out quality assurance of the MEP-related design of the R&D technology equipment suppliers. · To evaluate technical solutions and quotes for Change Requests required by Technology wherever they concern MEP services. · To provide comments documentation as required after carrying out quality check for the equipment suppliers design drawings and the construction design drawings. · To support to prepare change request form, PPT and other documentation related to the change requests. · To co-ordination the design process on technology side, coordinates with equipment planner and integrates the equipment planner’s design into the overall design of Technology. · To coordinates technology equipment design and MEP services design with Construction building MEP services design to ensure no collisions during the equipment detail design period. Realization Phase · To be responsible for onsite coordination between MEP equipment (sub-) supplier and construction supplier. (Inc. Onsite measurement, balance checking, follow 3rd party inspection (water, compress air, ventilation, power ...etc.,) · To provide MEP technical support regarding equipment and its services installation. ( inc. MEP Interface coordination, suggestion/solution for onsite collision) · To provide supports and manage the technology area (internal test room, open area, process etc.) equipment design, installation by/for Technology general contractor and other equipment contractors. · To evaluate technical solutions and quotes for Change Requests required by Technology wherever they concern MEP services. · To steer and inspect technology equipment supplier’s safety and security performance. · To carry out quality assurance of the MEP works and produce inspection/defects reports weekly and follow up the rectification process. Commissioning, Acceptance and Handover Phase · To witness the commissioning phase for the various MEP installation from Technology contractors on behalf of the client. · To supervise and support the final commissioning of equipment related MEP services, to ensure equipment is functioning correctly. · To provide MEP technical support during the commissioning stage to the Technology contractors and to provide technical solutions and approvals if there are any changes to the initial designs. · To proactively manage punch list of equipment related MEP package and support to resolve all related deficiency to get SOO of equipment and handover of the proj




C-P-S was founded in 1981 by Dr. Werner Böckmann, who continues to have an active role in the company as the chairman of the company advisory board. C-P-S started off in the fields of facility and material-handling planning. Soon after, we expanded into the planning of new factories and structural projects in logistics. Today the C-P-S Group has established itself as an internationally active planning and consulting company with multiple locations worldwide.