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  • 发布于2020-04-13

Preparation of pre-market tests for the launch of a range of yeast products for wine production in China. 主要负责酒酵母产品进入市场推广前的测试。 1. Follow a training on oenological products given by Fermentis 接受Fermentis提供的葡萄酿酒酵母产品培训 2. Contact clients: winemakers, researchers working for wine producers in China 联系客户:酒厂、中国葡萄酿酒研究相关人员 3. Define interests and test objectives with Fermentis sales manager and prepare test protocols协助Fermentis 销售经理定义测试目标并准备测试方案 4. Estimate product quantity necessary for the tests, order and dispatch samples 准备测试、订单及样品所需产品数量 5. Prepare test monitoring tables and compile of summary table of tests scheduled in 2020 crush in China 准备2020年榨季测试跟踪表格,并跟踪测试进度和结果


1. Final year undergraduate/postgraduate students majoring Oenology or related area. 本科或研究生最后一年学生,葡萄酒工程等相关专业 2. Full time internship, last for 6 months. 实习期需要全勤,可以持续6个月 3. Can speak English, French is a plus. 可以英文交流,法语优先 4. Good communication, scientific and methodical mindset. 具备良好的沟通能力、科学并严谨的思维 5. Interested in Fermentation and Wine Quality Improvement 对酒精发酵和葡萄酒质量提高感兴趣