Business Development
玫瑰塑胶(昆山)有限公司 rose plastic (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
  • 面议
  • 苏州
  • 经验 3年~5年
  • 全职
  • 发布于1970-01-01

Principal Accountabilities Sales Accountabilities 1. Responsible for the commercial link between the whole customer group and rose plastic. 2. Develop and deliver sales budgets for the assigned customer base. Review actual sales continually and explain any variances against budget targets for: + Volume and value + Gross margin + Days of sales outstanding (DSO´s) 3. Define and quote selling prices either in line with the profitability targets or at a level thought appropriate. Discuss special prices, which are different from the market with Head of sales-Great China. Negotiate and then implement pricing policy at the customers. 4. Manage payment and credit schedules at customers to achieve the business targets working capital. Initiate credit clearance for new customers and obtain credit limits prior to making credit sales. Initiate alteration (augmentation) of credit limits for current clients through the Credit Controller. 5. Negotiate mutually acceptable settlements to customer claims following technical/ supply difficulties. 6. Maintain a close watch on competitive activity both at assigned customers and in the rest of the market. 7. Report to the Head of sales-Great China all important issues like: customer visits or activities, project negotiation or evolvement. 8. Maintain and further develop the sales from the core markets of cutting tool & hardware. Keep and steady the market leader position for rose plastic. 9. Pay more attention and time for developing the new customers and new markets, like engineering spare parts, Medical, etc. Market Development Activities 1. Maintain contact with the Sales & Marketing, Project Management Dept. at defined customers to smooth the passage of approval for rose plastic products. 2. Attend and visit the relevant exhibitions and bring back useful information to enlarge the customer base. 3. Feedback market knowledge back to Head of sales-Greater China and Corporate marketing staff.


3-5 years working experience of business development or application development • Passionate, initiative, self-disciplined, business ethic, team player • Good English skills are a precondition • Excellent communication skills • Be familiar with value sell, solution making, B to B and flow business • At least Bachelor in Engineering (Plastics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.) • Good working experience in the below markets: Engineering spare parts /Medical device industries • Multi-national company working experience • Frequent travels in the region. • Valid driving licence is needed.




玫瑰塑胶集团公司总部于1953年创办于德国南部。集团公司目前已拥有了以德国、美国、中国、巴西、印度五大生产基地为核心和以英国、法国、西班牙、韩国、日本、意大利、波兰和土耳其等销售代表处或代理商为辅助的全球销售网络。同时在中国广州、宁波、大连、成都、上海及北京设有分公司或销售代表处。 玫瑰塑胶(昆山)有限公司于2004年5月正式投产,致力于服务中国以及亚太地区,主要生产各类切割工具行业和五金工具行业的塑料包装及工具箱。随着当今市场快速发展, 已经投建并开发了一个浩大的新包装产品系列, 适用于消费品市场及其他各类产品市场。