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Hermann Commerce GmbH
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  • 经验 1年~3年
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  • 发布于1970-01-01

工作内容: 负责仓库整体日常工作的安排 参与公司宏观管理与策略制定 现场管理督导、目视化管理执行情况 审订和修改仓库工作流程和管理制度 对下属员工进行业务技能培训和考核,提高员工素质和工作效率 与相关部门确定工作接口与交接标准 接受并完成上级交代的其他工作任务


要求: 有德国工作许可,可以正常报税 了解大中型仓库整体规划 能够熟练应用仓库管理系统WMS,可以优化流程 有2年以上仓库管理经验 有团队意识,抗压能力强 德语或者英语优秀者优先 待遇从优,面谈。 有意者请将个人信息及简历发送到 邮箱:raofu@hermanngmbh.com


上班地址:Duisburg, Deutschland


Hermann Commerce GmbH, founded in 2013, is one of the leading food import and export trading companies in Europe. Its products include snacks, instant food, staple food, condiments and beverage. Its sales network covers 9 European countries including Germany, France and Austria. Since its establishment, the company has always abided by the business philosophy of \"integrity for business, quality for survival\", started from the fundamental interests of consumers ,safety and health, led a new generation of food trends, created a food industry fashion circle, and brought new taste buds experience for European Chinese.