ICO中国办事处负责人/技术采购员Head of ICO Office China / Technical Buyer
AL-KO Geräte GmbH
  • 面议
  • 苏州
  • 经验 1年~3年
  • 全职
  • 发布于2020-10-16

•ICO办公室负责人:领导一个小型团队,并向材料管理负责人汇报; •采购市场研究和供应商收购; •获取和分析报价; •进行某些价格谈判; •对新的和现有的供应商以及供应商的发展进行审计; •在质量控制和报销方面与我们的质量管理部门密切协调; •支持我们的物流部门并在总部采购。 • Head of ICO Office: heads a small team on site and reports to the head of materials management • Procurement market research and supplier acquisition • Obtaining and analyzing offers • Carrying out certain price negotiations • Carrying out audits of new and existing suppliers as well as supplier development • Close coordination with our quality management regarding quality control and reimbursement • Support of our logistics department and purchasing in our headquarters


•工业工程师相关本科学历或技术培训; •有专业的采购经验(最好在中国); •了解各种制造过程/材料组的基础知识; •了解园艺行业是加分项; •商务英语流利; •愿意学习中文; •愿意搬到中国。 • Successfully completed studies as an industrial engineer or technical training • Professional experience in purchasing (ideally in China) • Knowledge of the basics of various manufacturing processes / material groups • Knowledge of the gardening industry is beneficial • Business fluent English skills • Willingness to learn the Chinese language • Willingness to move to China


上班地址:太仓市 Taicang