XCHARGE is a high-tech innovative company specializing in providing High Power Smart Charging Solutions and Energy Solutions from one hand. Our goal is to become a top-tier international HPC solution provider. XCHARGE has designed engineered, manufactured, and serviced a series high power DC charger products, and has helped customers to increase charging operation efficiency through advanced hardware, software, and cloud innovations. We believe this is absolutely essential to the future of energy and transportation. More than 20 Patents and Copyrights, areas include product design, hardware, cloud mechanisms. European company was also established to meet huge demand of HPC in EU countries and give energy solutions from one hand. All originated within XCHARGE’s R&D team. In terms of capital investors, we have been recognized by tier-one international investment funds. Our investors include ZhenFund, GGV Capital (Airbnb investor based in US), and Samsung. With development goal and vision of consumption new energy and EV development, XCHARGE developed AC and DC series charging products, combined battery systems and operation solution with leading hardware, software, and IoT innovations to all types of enterprise and clients. Our customers include State Grid Corporation of China, Audi, NIO Automotive and energy groups in EU. XCHARGE是一家专注于提供大功率智能充电解决方案和能源解决方案的高科技创新公司。我们的目标是成为一流的国际高性能计算解决方案供应商。XCHARGE设计、制造和服务了一系列大功率直流充电器产品,并通过先进的硬件、软件和云创新帮助客户提高充电运行效率。我们相信这对于能源和交通的未来是绝对必要的。 拥有20多项专利和版权,包括产品设计、硬件、云机制等领域。欧洲公司的成立也是为了满足欧盟国家对高性能计算的巨大需求,并从一方面提供能源解决方案。所有这些都源于 XCHARGE 的研发团队。 在资本投资者方面,我们得到了国际一级投资基金的认可。我们的投资者包括真格基金、纪源资本(美国Airbnb投资者)和三星。 XCHARGE以消费新能源和电动汽车发展为发展目标和愿景,为各类企业和客户开发交直流串联充电产品,结合领先的硬件、软件和物联网创新的电池系统和运营解决方案。我们的客户包括中国国家电网公司、奥迪、蔚来汽车和欧盟能源集团。

公司地址Borsteler Bogen 27a,Hamburg