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About TELUS International AI Inc. We partner with the world\'s most innovative companies to develop and improve their AI powered products. Whether it’s improving the relevance of search engines or training digital assistants to understand more languages and dialects, our teams help break machine-learning barriers and build human-learning bridges around the world -- and you can be part of it. TELUS International AI offers flexible opportunities with competitive rates across the globe. Learn more at 关于TELUS国际AI公司 我们与世界上最具创新的企业发展和提高他们的AI供电产品的合作伙伴。无论是提高搜索引擎或培训数字助理的相关性,了解世界各地的语言和方言,我们的团队帮助分解机器学习障碍和构建人类学习的桥梁 - 你可以成为其中的一部分。 TELUS国际AI提供灵活的机会与全球竞争力的价格。 了解更多