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Daimay Europe GmbH ist ein 100%-iges Tochterunternehmen von Shanghai Daimay Automotive Interior Co.Ltd (Homepage:www.daimay.com). Daimay konzentriert sich seit der Gründung 1982 auf die Entwicklung und Produktion von Automotive-Interieur, wie Sonnenblenden, Kopfstützen, Dachkonsole, Armlehne usw. Das Unternehmen ist dank sorgfältiger Unternehmensentwicklung stetig gewachsen. Shanghai Daimay Automotive Interior Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of passenger car components, is a professional auto parts supplier with integrated capabilities of design, development, manufacture, sales and service. Up to date, Daimay has built manufacture bases in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Tianjin and has set up overseas sales and service network in the United States, Germany, South Korea and other countries. Daimay has the simultaneous technical development capability with the vehicle OEMs, standardization of supplied products, and integration of after-sales services, and is continually raising the status in the global automotive industry chain. Our auto parts mainly are sun visors, seats and headrests, steering wheels and roof consoles. Daimay holds a leading position in the global sun visor supply segment. Over the years, we have accumulated abundant customer resources, and also are widely recognized by customers, having established with a number of domestic and foreign vehicle OEMs the product development and supply relationships. Customers include foreign mainstream vehicle OEMs such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, PSA, Mitsubishi Fuso, as well as domestic auto makers: SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng , Chery and Great Wall. Our products and service quality are in the advanced level in the country, and for three consecutive years, Daimay was awarded Supplier of Year by GM, the first domestic supplier to receive this honor; also qualified and honored as Volkswagen Grade A Global Supplier, Chrysler global sourcing certificated Supplier, and Ford Global Q1 Supplier. Facing the historic opportunity for the development of the automotive industry, Daimay will continue to adhere to the professional and large-scale development path, promote the development of concentric diversification strategy of following customers’ needs, enhance the core competitiveness with high quality, technological innovation and product structures optimization, by upgrading technology and through globalization operation. Daimay\'s goal is to become in the auto parts industry the world\'s leading and specialized manufacturer with integrated capabilities of design, development, production, sales and service and with international competitiveness and influence. 岱美欧洲股份有限公司是上海岱美汽车内饰有限公司(主页:www.daimay.com)的 100% 子公司。自1982年成立以来,岱美一直专注于遮阳板、头枕、车顶控制台、扶手等汽车内饰的研发和生产,公司经过精心的企业发展,稳步发展。 上海岱美汽车内饰有限公司主要从事乘用车零部件的研发、生产和销售,是一家集设计、开发、制造、销售和服务为一体的专业汽车零部件供应商。目前,大美已在上海、浙江、天津等地建立了生产基地,并在美国、德国、韩国等国家建立了海外销售和服务网络。岱美拥有与整车厂同步技术开发、供货标准化、售后服务一体化的能力,在全球汽车产业链中的地位不断提升。 我们的汽车零部件主要是遮阳板、座椅和头枕、方向盘和车顶控制台。 Daimay 在全球遮阳板供应领域处于领先地位。多年来,我们积累了丰富的客户 资 源,也得到了客户的广泛认可,与多家国内外整车主机厂建立了产品开发和供应关系。客户包括通用、福特、克莱斯勒、大众、PSA、三菱扶桑等国外主流整车整车厂,以及上汽、一汽、东风、奇瑞、长城等国内整车厂。 我们的产品和服务质量处于国内先进水平,连续三年被通用汽车评为年度供应商,是国内首家获此殊荣的供应商;并获得大众A级全球供应商、克莱斯勒全球采购认证供应商、福特全球Q1供应商资格和荣誉。 面对汽车产业发展的历史性机遇,岱美将继续坚持走专业化、规模化的发展道路,推进以客户需求为导向的同心多元化发展战略,以高质量、科技创新提升核心竞争力通过技术升级和全球化运营,优化产品结构。岱美的目标是成为汽车零部件行业中具有设计、开发、生产、销售和服务一体化能力,具有国际竞争力和影响力的全球领先的专业化制造商。

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