WuXi Biologics Germany GmbH



WuXi Biologics is a premier provider of biologics services (from discovery to commercialization) with global customers in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We´re one of the world\'s top three contract development and manufacturing companies for biopharmaceuticals, we provide our clients with a world-leading open access technology platform. We enable our clients to research, develop and manufacture drugs from the concept phase to commercial manufacturing. Our mission is to accelerate and transform discovery, development, and manufacturing in the rapidly growing field of biologics to benefit patients worldwide. We have sites in China, the US, the EU and Asia. We currently employ over 12,000 people and provide services to almost 600 customers worldwide, including the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies. Our vision is \"Any drug can be made, and any disease can be treated.\"

公司地址CHEMPARK Leverkusen, Building D201, Gate 133, 51368 Leverkusen