Enns-Wu Plastec GmbH



Enns-Wu GmbH (EWP) are office in Germany that represents our competent mould maker IMR from China in Europe. Goal of the foundation is to provide our European plastic industry customers with an all-inclusive satisfactory service: next to reliable communications, from start of construction to the tool assemblage, we also offer possible tryouts which can be handed out to the European customer locally. We strive for an optimum performance to reach an optimum cost efficiency for our customers to support them in their global competition. To reach this goal we have motivated and engaged workers in Germany and China.Our typical customers are manufacturing companies with more than 10 injection molding machines, which are used to manufacture molded plastic parts for the automotive, white goods and electrical industries. You will find further information about our company under www.ew-plastec.de.

公司地址Trippstadter Str. 110