Technical Quality Engineer
SANHUA Automotive Europe GmbH
  • 面议
  • 国外
  • 经验 3年~5年
  • 全职
  • 发布于1970-01-01

1. 负责客户投诉一览表和客户投诉情况上报; 2. 负责组织质量、生产和产品技术、研发部门对客户投诉进行改进和优化。 3. 及时回应客户投诉并采取措施。不仅限于组织人员进行分析,找出不良原因,协调有关部门采取纠正预防措施,跟踪验证纠正预防措施的效果和落实情况。 4. 负责客户投诉和不合格件的日常收集、分析和反馈,每周总结质量问题,编辑8D报告。 5. 负责建立良好的客户关系,进行客户培训和信息沟通,及时加强客户与公司之间的信息交流。 6. 负责退货件的管理; 7. 负责现场质量支持。 1. Responsible for customer complaint overview list and customer complaint situation reporting; 2. Responsible for organizing the quality, production and product technology, and R&D departments to improve and optimize products in response to customer complaints. 3. Respond to customer complaints in a timely manner and take measures. It is not limited to organizing personnel to analyze, find out the causes of badness, coordinate with relevant departments to take corrective and preventive measures, and track and verify the effects and implementation of corrective and preventive measures. 4. Responsible for the daily collection, analysis and feedback of customer complaints and failed parts, weekly summary of quality problems, and edit of 8D reports. 5. Responsible for establishing good customer relations, conducting customer training and information communication, and strengthening the information exchange between customers and the company in a timely manner. 6. Responsible for the management of returned parts; 7. Responsible of on-site quality support.


1. 3年及以上客户质量工程师经验,有汽车行业客户投诉处理经验者优先。 2. 熟悉电子产品生产流程,有热管理经验者优先。 3. 熟悉APQP/PPAP/FMEA/MSA/SPC五种工具; 4. 熟悉七大QC技术和8D方法; 5. 良好的沟通协调能力,以及解决问题的能力。 6. 3 years and above experience as customer quality engineer, experience in handling customer complaints in the automotive industry is preferred. 7. Familiar with the production process of electronic products, experience in thermal management is preferred. 8. Familiar with the five tools of APQP/PPAP/FMEA/MSA/SPC; 9. Familiar with the seven QC techniques and 8D methods; 10. Good communication and coordination skills, good problem solving skills.


上班地址:Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland


汽车零部件制造商,总部位于中国杭州。SANHUA Holding Group, established in 1984, is becoming a global leading supplier of cooling and heating conversion, temperature control products, technologies and solution provider. SANHUA Automotive Europe GmbH is part of SANHUA Holding team.