HR and Administration Assistant
ThunderSoft Europe GmbH
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  • 发布于2022-10-12

行政管理职责:行政管理 1. 各类费用的报销和支付 2. 各类票据及业务合同的归档 3. 运营费用的申请和管理,日常运营所需材料和服务的采购 4. 固定资产的盘点和管理 5. 负责员工的安置工作 6. 公司车辆的登记和管理 人力资源部门职责:负责员工入职和离职 1. 员工入职和离职流程跟进 2. 员工休假登记 3. 协助招聘:(1)发布招聘广告;(2)筛选简历;安排面试 Administrative duties: 1. all kinds of expense reimbursement and payment 2. all kinds of bills & business contracts filing 3. application and management of operating expenses, procurement of materials and services required for daily operations 4. inventory and management of fixed assets 5. responsible for staff relocation work 6. registration and management of company cars HR duties: 1. employee onboarding and offboarding process follow-up 2. employee Leave registration 3. assist in recruitment: (1) Release recruitment advertisement; (2) Screening resumes; Arranging interviews


工作要求: 1. 本科或以上学历,最好是管理或人力资源相关专业 2. 有行政和人事工作经验者优先考虑 3. 细心可靠,有责任感,有一定的抗压能力 4. 英语和德语流利,达到B2水平或以上 5. 熟悉办公软件 Job Requirements: 1. Bachelor\'s degree or above, preferably in management or human resources related 2. Experience in administration and personnel work is a plus 3. Attentive and reliable, with a sense of responsibility and a certain level of stress resistance 4. Fluent in English and German to B2 level or above 5. Familiar with office software


上班地址:Ulm, Deutschland


Founded in 2008, ThunderSoft is a provider of operating system technologies, superior products and solutions, experts in mobile, IoT, automotive and enterprise. Headquartered in Beijing and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZ: 300496), We have more than 25 R&D centers and offices all over the world. Thundersoft Europe GmbH, located in Ulm, Germany, is the business center in Europe of Thunder Software and mainly responsible for the marketing, business development and customer support of the Smart Vehicle Business Group, Smart IoT Business Group, as well as the company\'s products and services in the European region.