Field Application Engineer (Full-time/ Internship)
ThunderSoft Europe GmbH
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  • 发布于2022-10-12

我们提供: 1. 在一个快速发展的行业中通过多样化的项目实现可持续的职业发展; 2. 有竞争力的薪酬待遇; 3. 明亮的办公室,友好的工作氛围和扁平的等级制度; 4. 现代化的茶水间,提供免费咖啡、茶、饮料和小吃; 5. 对于实习生来说,在通过培训项目后,未来有可能获得长期职位。 We offer: 1. Sustainable career development through diverse projects in a fast-growing industry; 2. A competitive compensation package; 3. Bright offices with a friendly working atmosphere and flat hierarchies; 4. Modern pantry room with free coffee, tea, beverages, and snacks; 5. For internship, a future permanent position is possible after passing the training programs. 你的任务: 1. 在销售和产品周期的所有技术方面支持我们在欧洲市场的不断成功; 2. 充当与客户和合作伙伴的沟通界面; 3. 组织和调整内部技术团队,为客户提供最佳解决方案; 4. 与客户建立信任的关系,作为长期业务成功的基础; 5. 确保最高的客户满意度; 6. 与销售、客户经理合作,发展欧洲市场的业务; 7. 与我们的客户合作,为他们的使用情况确定最佳产品和解决方案,并使他们能够解决任何挑战。 Your tasks: 1. Support our growing success in European market throughout all technical aspects of the sales and product cycle; 2. Act as communication interface with customers and partners; 3. Organize and align internal technical teams to provide the best solution for customers; 4. Establish a trustful relationship with customers as a basis for long-term business success; 5. Ensure the highest customer satisfaction; 6. Work together with sales, account managers to develop the business in the European market; 7. Work with our customers in identifying the best products and solutions for their use case and enable them to resolve any challenges.


任职要求: 1. 优秀的沟通和表达能力; 2. 以客户为导向的思维方式; 3. 技术背景,包括C/C++的编程技巧和经验以及调试。对BSP、高通芯片组、操作系统如Linux、Android有一定了解者优先考虑; 4. 拥有电子、信息技术、计算机科学或类似专业的学士或硕士学位; 5. 英语口语和写作高度熟练。德文和中文是一个强有力的补充; 6. 良好的电脑操作能力(MS Office); 7. 有条理,能解决问题,有自我组织能力,愿意出差>=30%。 Your profiles: 1. Excellent communication and presentation skills; 2. Customer oriented mindset; 3. Technical background, including programming skills and experiences in C/C++ and debugging. Knowledge of BSP, Qualcomm Chipset, Operating Systems like Linux, Android is a plus; 4. Bachelor or master’s degree in electronics, information technology, computer science or comparable; 5. English is highly proficient in spoken and written. German and Chinese are a strong plus; 6. Good PC-command (MS Office); 7. Structured, problem solving, self-organized, willingness to travel >= 30%.


上班地址:Ulm, Deutschland


Founded in 2008, ThunderSoft is a provider of operating system technologies, superior products and solutions, experts in mobile, IoT, automotive and enterprise. Headquartered in Beijing and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZ: 300496), We have more than 25 R&D centers and offices all over the world. Thundersoft Europe GmbH, located in Ulm, Germany, is the business center in Europe of Thunder Software and mainly responsible for the marketing, business development and customer support of the Smart Vehicle Business Group, Smart IoT Business Group, as well as the company\'s products and services in the European region.