Backend Development
  • 面议
  • 合肥
  • 经验 1年~3年
  • 全职
  • 发布于2022-10-18

岗位职责: 1. 在PRD(产品需求文件)的范围内开发企业应用,用于移动和头部应用。 2. 根据PRD设计服务器架构和模块,编程,调试,单元测试和编写技术文档。 3. 提供后台应用架构设计,确保系统在高QPS(每秒查询次数)情况下的可扩展性、性能、可靠性和稳定性。 4. 优化系统性能,确保后端应用的质量。 5. 在敏捷方法论下持续交付后端应用。 6. 与合资公司合作,帮助他们将智能手机应用与后端系统整合。 7. 支持IT安全评估。 Your Responsibilities: 1. Develop enterprise applications with the scope of PRDs(Product Requirement Documents) for mobile and head-unit applications. 2. Designing server architecture and modules, programming, debugging, unit testing and writing technical documents according to the PRDs. 3. Provide backend applications architecture design, ensuring the scalability, performance, reliability and stability of the system with high QPS (Queries Per Second) situation. 4. Optimizing system performance, ensuring the quality of the backend applications. 5. Continuously deliver backend applications under Agile methodologies. 6. Work with the JVs to help them integrate smartphone app with backend systems. 7. Support IT Security Assessment.


任职要求: a. 教育: 1. 本科或以上学历。 2. 专业为软件工程、计算机科学、信息系统管理等。 b. 个人技能: 1. 两年以上的后台开发经验。 2. 熟悉以下编程语言,Java/C++/GOLANG,有并发库(Atomic Variables, Concurrent Map等)的实践经验。 3. 熟悉计算机网络和常用协议(例如:TCP/IP、UDP、DNS、FTP、SSH、SSL/TLS、HTTP)。 4. 熟悉可扩展网络应用程序和服务的设计和开发,并利用最先进的Linux工具进行调试。 5. 熟悉持续集成/持续部署。 6. 学习最先进的后端和云技术的优秀能力。 7. 有开源项目、框架级开发或工具包开发经验者优先。 8. 具有高度的自我主动性,良好的沟通和协作能力,对汽车行业有热情。 c. 备注(语言、IT知识、证书等): 1. 中文流利。 2. 有英语基础。 3. 德文是一个加分项。 Our Requirements: a. Necessary education: 1. Bachelor’s degree or above. 2. Major in software engineering, computer science, information system management etc. b. Personal skills: 1. +2 years of backend development experience. 2. Familiar with the following programming languages, Java/C++/GOLANG, and hands-on experience in concurrent libs (Atomic Variables, Concurrent Map, etc.) . 3. Knowledge of computer networks and common protocols(for example TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, FTP, SSH, SSL/TLS, HTTP) . 4. Knowledgeable in the design and development of scalable web applications and services, and leveraging state-of-the-art Linux tools to debug. 5. Familiarity with continuous integration/continuous deploy. 6. Excellent ability to learn state-of-the-art backend and cloud technologies. 7. Experiences with open source projects, framework level development or toolkit development is a plus. 8. High degree of self-initiative ,good communication and collaboration skills, passionate for vehicle industry. c. Remarks (Language, IT Knowledge, Certificates etc.): 1. Chinese Fluent. 2. English Basic. 3. German is a plus.