Test Operations
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  • 发布于2022-10-18

岗位职责: 1. 你的主要责任是按计划执行测试订单,报告测试结果和测试案例的质量。 2. 你将维护有关被测设备(DUT)的版本更新和SW闪烁的测试实例(硬件在环路,系统HIL,面包板)。 3. 在你的职责范围内,审查和分析规格以得出测试案例,创建和发展测试概念和测试案例的架构,以及跟踪和报告实施状态。 4. 你负责准备和建立测试环境,确保测试准备就绪。 5. 在测试台上初步操作控制单元和功能,协调传入的测试,以确定和报告测试准备情况和测试价值,也是你职责的一部分。 6. 你负责测试案例的初始操作,评估和记录测试运行的结果,包括所有相关测试结果(测试案例结果、测量数据、测试报告等)的备份和版本。 7. 缺陷管理和结果报告也在你的职责范围内 Your Responsibilities: 1. Your main responsibility is the execution of test order on schedule and reporting test result and quality of test cases. 2. You will maintain test instances (Hardware in the Loop, System HIL, Breadboard) regarding Device Under Test (DUT) version update and SW flashing 3. Review and analysis of specifications to derive test cases, creation and development of test concepts and architecture for test cases as well as tracking and reporting on implementation status are within your area of responsibility 4. You are responsible for preparing and setting up the test environment and ensuring test readiness 5. Initial operation of control units and functions on the test bench, coordinating incoming tests to determine and report on test readiness and test worthiness are also part of your duties 6. You are in charge of the initial operation of test cases, evaluation and documentation of test results of test runs including backup and versioning of all relevant test results (test case results, measurement data, test report etc.) 7. Defect management and result reporting is also within the scope of your responsibilities


任职要求: a. 学历: 1. 电气工程、计算机科学、汽车工程、机电一体化或同等专业的硕士或文凭学位(侧重于软件工程、汽车工程/车辆电子)。 b. 专业技能: 1. 在测试和测试基础设施应用方面有3年的经验 2. 在测试领域具有流程、方法、工具和技术方面的专业知识和技术方面的专业知识 3. 在报告、票据系统方面的经验,如KPM 4. 对汽车流程和程序有深入了解 5. 深入了解测试流程和网络化车辆功能的测试 6. 具备 HiL(硬件循环)测试自动化和使用 dSPACE Controlldesk 的知识 7. 具有编程语言的知识,例如 C、C++、Java、Phyton 8. 熟悉 ECU 测试/EXAM 或其他测试自动化工具 9. 对总线跟踪和使用 CANoe、CANanalyzer 的信号分析有深入了解 10. 有敏捷工作方法的经验(如SCRUM、SAFE等)。 11. 需要有 \"ISTQB®认证测试员-基础级 \"的证书 12. 有IREB®需求工程专业认证--基础级(CPRE-FL)的证书将是一个优势。 13. 良好的车辆功能知识 c. 技能: 1. 解决问题的能力强 2. 高度的结构化、分析和自我组织能力 3. 高度的团队精神 d. 语言: 1. 良好的英语口语和写作能力 2. 最好会基础德语 Required Qualification: a. Education: 1. Master- or Diploma degree in in electrical engineering, computer science, automotive engineering, mechatronics or equivalent (with a focus on software engineering, automotive engineering/vehicle electronics) b. Professional Experience: 1. 3 years of experience in testing and test infrastructure application 2. Expert knowledge in the field of testing regarding processes, methods, tools and technology 3. Experience in reporting, ticketing systems such as KPM 4. Deep understanding of automotive processes & procedures 5. Deep knowledge of test processes and testing of networked vehicle functions 6. Knowledge in HiL (Hardware in the Loop) test automation and using dSPACE Controldesk 7. Knowledge in a programming language, e.g. C, C++, Java, Phyton 8. Knowledge of ECU Test/ EXAM or others test automation tools 9. Deep knowledge in bus tracing and signal analysis with CANoe, CANanalyzer 10. Experience in agile working methods (e.g. SCRUM, SAFE, etc.) 11. A certification according to \"ISTQB® Certified Tester - Foundation Level” is required 12. A certificate in IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level (CPRE-FL) would be an advantage 13. Good vehicle function knowledge c. Skills: 1. High ability to solve problems 2. Highly structured, analytical and self-organized 3. Highly team-oriented d. Language: 1. Good command of spoken and written English 2. Basic German helpful