Supplier Quality Engineering Manager
Mercurtrade Shanghai
  • 面议
  • 上海
  • 经验 5年以上
  • 全职
  • 发布于1970-01-01

经过长期的培训和学习,你的职责将是 1. 协调与工程和正在进行的新项目有关的内部活动 2. 管理我们的供应商在铸造、机械加工、锻造和金属板制造领域的高优先级制造项目 3. 确保项目在规定的时间内顺利完成 4. 识别并领导供应商/次级供应商的技术改进措施 5. 推动公司不断发展供应商的技术能力 6. 发展、领导和指导工艺工程团队的员工 7. 领导团队细致地记录所有的活动,并建立一个知识数据库 8. 运用发散性思维,展示强大的解决问题的能力 After an extended training and learning period your responsibilities will be: 1. Coordinate the internal activities related to engineering and ongoing new projects 2. Manage high priority manufacturing projects at our suppliers in the area of casting, machining, forging and sheet metal fabrication 3. Ensure projects are finished successfully within the defined schedule 4. Identify and lead technology improvement measures at our suppliers/sub-suppliers 5. Drive company\\\\\\\'s efforts to continuously develop our supplier\\\\\\\'s technical abilities 6. Develop, lead and coach employees of the process engineering team 7. Lead the team’s efforts to meticulously document all activities and to create a knowledge database 8. Apply out of the box thinking and demonstrate strong problem-solving abilities


1. 机械工程或类似领域的大学学位 2. 对制造工艺(如数控加工、铸造、锻造、钣金加工)和质量保证有很好的理解。 3. 10年以上工作经验,至少有5年在供应商质量部门或工程部门担任团队/部门领导的良好记录 4. 必须有国际经验--在国外学习/工作(特别是在欧洲-DACH地区)。 5. 有较强的沟通能力,跨组合作和人际交往能力 6. 必须具备商务英语和普通话水平,以及德语的高级会话水平 7. 对细节有敏锐的洞察力,并能同时处理多种依赖关系 8. 对细节有强烈的意识,愿意学习 9. 有自信,特别是在与公司的供应商合作的时候 10. 必须具备行动力,能够在具有挑战性的情况下保持参与性、主动性和积极性,承担任务,并对整个团队的成功承担全部责任 11. 精通微软办公软件(Word、Excel、PowerPoint) 1. University degree in fields of mechanical Engineering or similar 2. Very good understanding about Manufacturing processes (e.g. CNC-machining, Casting, Forging, Sheet metal fabrication) and Quality assurance is strongly desired 3. 10+ years working experience, at least 5 years with proven track record as team/department leader in Supplier Quality department or Engineering department 4. International experience is a must – study/work abroad (especially in Europe – DACH area) 5. Strong communication, cross-group collaboration and interpersonal skills 6. Business level English and Mandarin are mandatory, as well as German on advanced conversational level 7. Keen eye for detail and handling multiple simultaneous dependencies 8. Strong sense for details and willing to learn 9. Assertive, especially when working with company\\\\\\\'s vendors 10. Must possess a bias for action, with the ability to remain engaged, proactive, and positive in challenging circumstances, owning assignments, and taking full accountability for overall team success 11. Very good knowledge with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)