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1.你要进行市场分析和趋势探查 2.你需要支持P3项目负责人的日常工作和业务,并通过整合和起草项目文件、PPT演示文稿有条不紊地提供支持 3.你计划、协调和跟进项目和利益相关者会议 4.你定期更新和管理项目管理工具 5.你分析和记录流程,确保项目知识的记录 6.你是客户的一个可靠的联络点,接受他们的要求并将其转交给内部P3项目负责人 7.你在一段时间内承担部分小工作包的项目责任 1.You conduct market analysis and trend scouting 2.You support P3 Project Leads in daily tasks and business and support in methodically by consolidating and drafting project documents, PPT presentations 3.You plan, coordinate and follow-up project and stakeholder meetings 4.You update and manage project management tools on regular basis 5.You analyze and document processes and ensure project knowledge documentation 6.You are a reliable point of contact to customers by taking their requests and forward them to internal P3 Project Lead 7.You take-on partial project responsibility for small work packages over time


1.你正在学习技术、经济或科学领域,最好以技术为重点 2.你对技术有基本的了解和亲和力 3.你的英语技能很好(口语和写作) 4.你精通MS Office应用程序 5.有良好的沟通和表达能力 6.你能以结构化和自我组织的方式管理你的任务 7.优势条件:你有在汽车行业和/或咨询业的初步经验 1.You are studying a technical, economic or scientific field, preferably with focus on technology 2.You have a basic understanding and affinity for technology 3.Your English skills are excellent (speaking and writing) 4.You are good with MS Office applications 5.Your communication and presentation skills are good 6.You manage your tasks in a structured and self-organized way 7.Nice to have: You have first experience in the automotive industry and/or consulting