IT & Digitalization Intern/Working Student (m/f/d)
SANHUA Automotive Europe GmbH
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  • 发布于1970-01-01

1.网络设备的安装和配置 2.网络管理任务 3.活动目录管理 4.用户支持 5.排除系统和硬件的故障 6.安装新的软件和硬件组件 7.实施和监测安全措施 8.管理IT文件 9.维护内部网站 10.数据库的创建、处理和维护 1.Installation and configuration of network devices 2.Network administration tasks 3.Active Directory management 4.User support 5.Troubleshoot systems and hardware 6.Installing new software and hardware components. 7.Implementation and monitoring of security measures 8.Manage IT documentation 9.Maintenance internal website 10.Database creation, processing, and maintenance


1.有计算机科学或相关领域的学位为佳。 2.有较强的分析、诊断和解决问题的能力。 3.良好的沟通能力,包括书面和口头表达。 4.有类似的工作经验 5.技术知识。活动目录,终端用户设备(台式机/笔记本电脑/手机/桌面电话),了解网络技术和概念 6.熟悉SQL,Sharepoint,Power BI 请记得上传你目前的在读证明以及你目前的成绩单和关于完成强制性实习的现行学习规定的摘录,因为这些是处理你的申请的必要条件。 1.Degree in computer science or a related field is preferable. 2.Strong analytical, diagnostic, and problem-solving skills. 3.Good communication ability, both written and verbal. 4.Experience in a similar role 5.Technical knowledge: Active Directory, End-User Devices (Desktop / Laptop / Mobile Phone / Desk Phones), understanding of Networking technologies and concepts 6.Familiar with SQL, Sharepoint, Power BI Please remember to upload your current certificate of enrollment as well as your current transcript of grades and an excerpt from the current study regulations regarding the completion of a mandatory internship, as these are mandatory for the processing of your application.


上班地址:斯图加特, 德国


汽车零部件制造商,总部位于中国杭州。SANHUA Holding Group, established in 1984, is becoming a global leading supplier of cooling and heating conversion, temperature control products, technologies and solution provider. SANHUA Automotive Europe GmbH is part of SANHUA Holding team.