Application Engineer-Thermal system (m/f/d)
SANHUA Automotive Europe GmbH
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SANHUA Automotive Europe GmbH 是汽车行业的一级供应商,为传统汽车和电动汽车提供膨胀阀、多路阀、冷却器、冷却板和泵等各种产品。此外,SANHUA Automotive 在热管理系统集成模块(如电池、E/E 组件、动力系统和 HVAC)方面也拥有深厚的专业知识。您想加入一家快速发展的成功企业吗?那么我们将为您提供一个令人兴奋的工作机会! 作为一名热系统应用工程师,您将在三花汽车公司开始新的职业生涯: 热系统应用工程师(男女不限) 工作职责 与技术支持、大客户经理和市场部密切合作,开发和讨论组件概念,以满足客户要求 为内部热系统专家提供支持 为汽车应用开发和调整热系统解决方案 与中国杭州母公司的同事和客户进行初步沟通 与中国杭州的同事合作,共同开发未来几代制冷剂产品 SANHUA Automotive Europe GmbH is a Tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry and offers various products such as expansion valves, multi-way valves, chillers, cooling plates and pumps for both traditional and electric vehicles. As a highlight, SANHUA Automotive also has in-depth know-how for integrated modules of thermal management systems such as batteries, E/E components, powertrains and HVAC. Do you want to join a successful company in rapid growth? Then we have an exciting job opportunity for you! Start your new career with Sanhua Automotive as a: Application Engineer-Thermal system (m/f/d) Responsibilities: Close cooperation with Technical Support, Key Account Manager, and Marketing to develop and discuss the component concept with the aim of meeting the customer requirements Support for the internal thermal system expert Development and adaptation of thermal system solutions for automotive applications Preliminary communication with colleagues at the parent company in Hangzhou, China, and with the customers Collaborate with colleagues in Hangzhou, China with the aim of developing future product generations of refrigerant


资质要求: 德国大学热力学专业本科或以上学历 最好有在汽车行业热力系统领域的工作经验 深入了解空调和热泵理论 熟悉汽车行业的常见开发流程 工作语言为流利的德语和英语 具有使用常用办公软件工具和实验室软件(如 EES、LabVIEW)的经验 较强的沟通和协调能力、较强的分析能力以及推动创新的能力 您可以期待 敏捷的工作方法和开放的反馈文化 成就事业的机会 开放交流的激励环境 当然还有诱人的薪酬 如何申请?我们期待收到您完整的申请,包括您的简历(英文或德文)和相关推荐信以及以下信息,请将您的简历发送给我们 电子邮件主题 职位名称 + 您的姓名 期望薪资 最早入职日期 Qualifications: Bachelor\'s degree or higher from a German university with a focus on thermodynamics Work experience in the field of thermal systems in the automotive industry is desirable A deep understanding of the theory of air conditioning and heat pumps Familiar with common development processes in the automotive industry Fluent in German and English as working languages Experienced in the use of common office software tools and laboratory software such as EES, LabVIEW Strong communication and coordination skills, strong analytical skills, and ability to drive innovation You can expect: Agile working methods and open feedback culture the chance to make a career a motivating environment with open communication and of course, an attractive remuneration How to apply: We look forward to receiving your complete application, including your CV (in English or German) and relevant references with the following information by sending your CV to us E-mail subject: Job title + your name Salary expectations Earliest start date


上班地址:斯图加特, 德国


汽车零部件制造商,总部位于中国杭州。SANHUA Holding Group, established in 1984, is becoming a global leading supplier of cooling and heating conversion, temperature control products, technologies and solution provider. SANHUA Automotive Europe GmbH is part of SANHUA Holding team.