Managing Director China
Asia-Pacific Management Consulting GmbH
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  • 发布于1970-01-01

1. 对所有在中国拥有100多名员工的子公司全面负责损益和运营,向董事会和欧洲总部的首席执行官报告。 2. 为中国制定并实施全面且可持续的业务发展战略 3、进一步发展和维护精益化、市场化的销售组织(销售经理、应用、订单和投诉管理),将产品型销售转变为解决方案型销售。 4. 提高销售和服务/支持团队的绩效和效率 5. 定期向德国总部准确报告,并在集团层面与当地和企业团队之间进行有效沟通。 6. 激励、影响和激励员工达到并超越目标 1. Full P&L and operational responsibility for all subsidiaries with more than 100 staff in China, reports to the Board of Directors and CEO in HQ in Europe. 2. Design and implement a comprehensive and sustainable business development strategy for China 3. Further develop and maintain a lean and market-oriented sales organization (sales managers, applications, order and complain management), transform product-oriented sales to solution-based sales. 4. Increase performance and efficiency of the sales and service/support teams 5. Regular and accurate reporting to the German HQ and efficient communications between local and corporate teams on group level. 6. Inspires, influences and motivate employees to meet and exceed objectives


1. 取得工程类学位或有相关工作经验(电气、电子、机电优先);同时具有工商管理学位者优先。 2. 至少 3 至 5 年的损益管理经验,具有国际视野。 3. 至少 5 至 10 年作为业务开发和销售管理的高级销售经验。 4. 具有人员和项目管理经验,有着商业头脑和文化意识。 5. 敬业,积极主动,具有创业精神,注重细节。 6. 以结果和绩效为导向,能够精确和准确地管理变革。 7. 精力充沛,富有创造力,以解决方案为导向。 8. 母语中文;英语能力强(口语、阅读、写作等方面)。 9. 有涉德商业领域经验者优先。 1. Degree or proven track records in Engineering (electric, electronics, electromechanics preferred). A degree in business administration is nice to have, but not necessary. 2. At least 3 to 5-year experience in management roles with P&L accountabilities, ideally with international exposure as the future job holder will have direct contacts to German HQ and the international group network. 3. At least 5 to 10-year proven track record as senior sales in business development and sales management including key account and contract management with our potential key customers in China. 4. The position calls for strong people and project management experience paired with appropriate business acumen and cultural awareness. 5. Engaged and pro-active people manager with an entrepreneurial mindset, able to get involved in details of both daily business and long-term strategy. 6. Result-driven and performance-orientated manager able to manage change with precision and accuracy. 7. Energetic, creative and solution oriented. 8. Chinese at mother tongue level; Very good English (speaking, reading, writing). 9. Previous experience with German business culture would be beneficial, though not compulsory.




德国亚太咨询(Asia-Pacific Management Consulting GmbH)是德国知名的顾问咨询公司。自1997年创立以来,我们已经为超过600个德国、欧洲的客户提供了亚洲及中国的专业咨询服务,包括设厂、工厂搬迁、寻找高管等。详情请见我们官网