Order Processor
MR China Ltd.
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  • 发布于1970-01-01

工作内容 1. 就与 MR 产品系列有关的所有技术问题向 OEM 客户提供建议。 2. 分析和协调客户预定项目的技术要求。 3. 与 ASM 合作,对报价和订单进行商业澄清。 4. 为指定的 OEM 客户编制、分析和发送产品、组件、零件和服务的报价和订单确认。 5. 为指定的 OEM 客户/运营商提供技术支持和售后服务。处理投诉和故障,包括问题评估、采取适当行动、跟进和通信,必要时通过专业部门提供技术支持。 6. 根据技能和资质,协助并实施复杂的技术项目。 7. 向客户和会议介绍维护策略/技术问题。 Description 1. Advising OEM customers in regard to all technical inquiries relating to the MR product range. 2. Analyzing and coordinating technical requirements for scheduled customer projects. 3. Cooperation with ASM in regard to the commercial clarification of offers and orders. 4. Compiling, analyzing and sending offers and order confirmations for products, components, parts and services for designated OEM customers. 5. Provide designated OEM customers / operators with technical support and after-sales servicing. Processing of complaints and disruptions including problem assessment, implementation of appropriate actions, follow-up and correspondence, where necessary with technical support through specialist departments. 6. Assist with and implementing complex technological projects depending on skills and qualifications. 7. Make presentations regarding maintenance strategies / technical issues to customers and at conferences.


职位要求 1. 电气工程、自动化或相关专业的学士学位。 2. 具有电力技术方面的经验,掌握机械制造行业和变压器方面的基本知识。 3. 良好的英语能力(书面和口语); 4. 计算机技能,如 SAP、Excel、PPT。 5. 高度的团队合作精神,积极主动; 6. 自我激励,具有独立工作能力。 7. 能够评估、优先处理和组织客户咨询; 8. 愿意出差; 9. 良好的沟通技巧; 10. 注重业务。 Requirements 1. Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Automation or related. 2. Experience in power technology and owning basic knowledge of the machine construction industry and transformer. 3. Good command of English (written & spoken); 4. Computer skills, e.g. SAP, Excel, PPT. 5. High Team work inspirits, positively and actively; 6. Self motivated & ability to work independently. 7. Ability to evaluate, prioritize and organize customer inquiries; 8. Willingness to travel; 9. Good communication skill; 10. Business-oriented focus.




We are “The Power behind Power” and as Maschinenf abrik Reinhausen (MR) we have been writing success stories  for over 150 years. As global market leader in energy technology , we are using highest-performance actuators, sensors, software and services to make transformers intelligent and controllable, thereby ensuring an optimal power supply from the power plant to the outlet.