Transformer Diagnosis Engineer
MR China Ltd.
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  • 发布于2024-03-18

工作描述 1. 负责收集、整理和分析来自内部和外部的大量数据,并提供可靠的分析报告和决策建议。 2. 在当地子公司担任 TESSA® FLEETSCAN 2D 和 TESSA® VAM 服务的技术联系人,提供支持和解决方案。 3. 分析有载分接开关和变压器的复杂运行数据,提出建议,创建详细分析报告或进行故障诊断。 4. 准备客户演示文稿,向客户提交分析报告,在复杂的技术讨论中主持谈判。 5. 必要时在现场独立收集有载分接开关和变压器的运行数据,例如对设备进行电气测量。 6. 为订单处理人员提供故障排除和产品技术支持。 Description 1. Responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing a large amount of data from both internal and external sources, and providing reliable analysis reports and recommendations for decision-making. 2. Act as the technical contact person for TESSA® FLEETSCAN 2D and TESSA® VAM services at the local subsidiary, providing support and solutions. 3. Analyze complex operating data from on-load tap-changers and transformers, develop recommendations, create detailed analysis reports, or conduct fault diagnosis. 4. Prepare customer presentations, present analysis reports to customers, and lead negotiations in complex technical discussions. 5. Independently collect operating data from on-load tap-changers and transformers in the field, if necessary, such as by conducting electrical measurements on the equipment. 6. Provide troubleshooting and technical product support to order processors.


要求 1. 电气工程、机电一体化或相关专业的学士学位。 2. 能够提供解决方案,并向客户展示 TESSA® FLEETSCAN 2D 和 TESSA® VAM 服务的附加价值。 3. 在能源技术领域,特别是变压器诊断领域至少有 5 年的工作经验。 4. 具备可靠性和以客户为导向的特质。 5. 能够评估、优先处理和组织客户咨询。 6. 英语口语和写作流利,愿意出国旅行。 7. 要求在德国接受培训,并在德国长期工作(6 个月)。 Requirements 1. Bachelor\\\'s degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, or a related field. 2. Ability to provide solutions and demonstrate the added value of TESSA® FLEETSCAN 2D and TESSA® VAM services to customers. 3. At least 5 years of experience in the energy technology sector, particularly in the field of transformer diagnostics. 4. Possess reliability and customer-oriented traits. 5. Able to evaluate, prioritize, and organize customer inquiries. 6. Fluent in spoken and written English, and willing to travel internationally. 7. Required to undergo training in Germany and stay for an extended period (6 months).




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