Import & Export Assistant
MR China Ltd.
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  • 发布于2024-03-18

工作描述 1. 跟进订单和审查采购合同; 2. 监督交货日期和交货条款; 3. 出口处理,包括为进口到中国的货物准备运输单据; 4. 与货运代理和船运公司等协调物流; 5. 执行交货; 6. 签发信用证文件并监督信用条件; 7. 监督运输保险; 8. 开具发 票; 9. 使用带 AdOns 的 SAP 软件为贸易公司和德国总部准备销售和交货文件。 Description 1. Following-up Orders & Review of Purchasing Contracts; 2. Supervising delivery dates & delivery terms; 3. Export Processing including preparation of transport documents for goods to be imported to China; 4. Coordination of logistics with freight forwarders and shipping companies, etc; 5. Execution of delivery; 6. Issuance of L/C documents and supervising of credit terms; 7. Supervising Transport Insurances; 8. Issuance of invoices; 9. Preparation of sales and delivery documents for the trading company and for the German Headquarter using software SAP with AdOns.


要求 1. 物流、国际贸易专业本科及以上学历; 2. 至少 2 年的外资企业 I&E 相关工作经验; 3. 熟悉进出口相关法律法规; 4. 计算机技能: 计算机技能:MS Office 和 SAP、AEB; 5. 良好的英语知识(书面和口语); 6. 能够在压力环境中工作; 7. 能够在紧迫的期限内完成工作; 8. 良好的数字理解能力、准确性和完整性; 9. 良好的沟通技巧。 Requirements 1. Bachelor’s degree or above in logistic, international trade; 2. At least 2-years of I&E related work experience in foreign based company; 3. Good understanding of I&E related laws & regulations; 4. Computer skills: MS Office and SAP, AEB; 5. Good knowledge of English (written & spoken); 6. Ability to work in a pressurized environment; 7. Ability to work to tight deadlines; 8. Good numeral understanding, accuracy and integrity; 9. Good communication skills.




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