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职位说明 1. 就二次变压器数字设备(MSENSE)的规格和选择以及与 MR 自动化相关产品(ETOS)的集成提供协助、指导、建议和支持;支持招标过程; 2. 在评估变压器应用的最佳智能设备选择方面,为客户提供值得信赖的顾问服务; 3. 现场访问变压器原始设备制造商或客户现场,进行演示、调查和设备诊断或更新; 4. 积极创造需求,协助客户与 MR 进行流程整合,并对 MR 产品进行标准化/规范化; 5. 撰写技术服务报告,向负责的内部和外部利益相关者传递重要信息; 6. 规划、协调、领导和管理与智能变压器设备部署相关的小型项目。 Description Providing assistance, guidance, advice and support with secondary transformer digital equipment (MSENSE) specifications and selections, and integration into MR AUTOMATION related products (ETOS); support tendering process; Trusted advisor for clients in assessing the optimal intelligent equipment selection for the respective transformer application; Onsite visits at Transformer OEM or Customer Site for demonstrations, investigations and equipment diagnose or updates; Active demand generation, assisting customers in the process integration with MR and standardization/specification of MR products; Writing of technical service reports and passing on important information to the responsible internal and external stakeholders; Planning, coordination, leading and management of smaller projects related to the deployment of intelligent transformer equipment.


要求 1. 电气工程、自动化或相关专业学士学位; 2. 在变压器制造商工作 3 至 5 年,优先考虑电气设计、二次设计、组件、运行和支持方面的经验; 3. 动手能力强,能够演示、安装、配置和调试二次设备; 4. 绝对以客户为中心,从客户出发,制定客户解决方案,赢得并保持客户的信任; 5. 人际交往能力强,坚持最高的工作标准,提出强有力的、令人信服的客户价值主张; 6. 英语口语和书面交流流利,能制作简洁的演示文稿,撰写说明和备忘录; 7. 愿意出差,并能灵活地全身心投入到客户的成功中。 Requirements Bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering, Automation or related; 3 to 5 years experience at a Transformer manufacturer in the area of electrical design, secondary design, components, operation, support as priority; Hands-on approach and capable of demonstrating, mounting, configuring, commissioning of secondary equipment; Absolutely customer-committed, starting with the customer, developing customer solutions, earning and keeping customer trust; Strong interpersonal skills, insisting on highest working standards, developing strong and convincing customer value propositions; Fluency in English oral and written communication, creation of concise presentations and writing of narratives and memos; Willingness to travel and flexibility to commit fully to client success.




We are “The Power behind Power” and as Maschinenf abrik Reinhausen (MR) we have been writing success stories  for over 150 years. As global market leader in energy technology , we are using highest-performance actuators, sensors, software and services to make transformers intelligent and controllable, thereby ensuring an optimal power supply from the power plant to the outlet.