Technical Service Engineer
MR China Ltd.
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  • 发布于2024-03-11

职位描述 1. 根据个人资质和现行准则,对指定产品系列进行维修和保养。 2. 起草技术服务报告并将重要信息转发给负责的订单处理人员。 3. 为同事和其他部门提供专业支持(产品专家)。 4. 根据个人资质对 OLTC 设备和装配组进行问题评估。 5. 根据个人资质对高压测试和示波器进行监控和评估。 Description: 1. Performance of repair and maintenance work in regard to the designated product spectrum depending on personal qualifications and in accordance with current guidelines. 2. Drafting of technical service reports and forwarding of important information to responsible order processors. 3. Provision of specialized support for colleagues and other departments (product specialist). 4. Problem assessment in regard to OLTC units and assembly groups depending on personal qualifications. 5. Monitoring and evaluation of high voltage tests and oscillographs depending on personal qualifications.


职位要求 1. 电气/机械工程或机电一体化相关专业学士学位。 2. 至少 2 年国有电网公司或国家电网服务公司相关工作经验者优先。 3. 良好的英语能力(书面和口语)。 4. 非常愿意出差,包括出国; 5. 评估、优先处理和规划客户咨询。 Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree of Electrical/Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics related. 2. At least 2 years related work experience in state owned grid companies or service companies for the national power grid are preferred. 3. Good command of English (written & spoken). 4. High willingness to travel, also abroad; 5. Assessment, prioritization and planning of customer inquiries.




We are “The Power behind Power” and as Maschinenf abrik Reinhausen (MR) we have been writing success stories  for over 150 years. As global market leader in energy technology , we are using highest-performance actuators, sensors, software and services to make transformers intelligent and controllable, thereby ensuring an optimal power supply from the power plant to the outlet.