Site Engineer Intern (f/m/n)
Geekplus Europ GmbH
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  • 国外
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  • 全职
  • 发布于2024-07-09

Responsibility Participate in on-site implementation and robotics problem handling Work with third party to complete the project delivery according to the robot solution Assist with on-site hardware equipment maintenance Cooperation with colleagues from other departments for best customer support in all technical issues Project handover to service team as well as conception and execution of training for customer Formulation and preparation of necessary technical documents for relevant accreditation work 责任: 参与现场实施和机器人问题处理 与第三方合作,根据机器人解决方案完成项目交付 协助现场硬件设备的维护 与其他部门的同事合作,在所有技术问题上为客户提供最好的支持 项目移交给服务团队,以及客户培训的构思和执行 制定和准备相关认可工作所需的技术文件


Required capabilities, and skills With valid German work permit Bachelor degree or above, major in logistics, mechanical related or similar industry experience is preferred. Be able to work full-time for 6 month internship and willingness to become full-time employee afterwards. Be able to adapt to frequent travel needs in Europe, with travel time accounting for 70%-80%. Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese to meet daily and business communication needs. Preferred qualifications, capabilities, and skills A European driver\'s license is preferred. Have a sense of responsibility, work conscientiously and responsibly. Ability to prioritize multiple complex situations to deliver successful results Outstanding resilience, capable of maintaining composure in fast-paced work environments. 所需的能力和技能: 持有有效的德国工作许可证 本科及以上学历,物流、机械相关专业或相关行业经验优先。 能够全职实习6个月,之后愿意成为正式员工。 能够适应欧洲频繁出差需求,出差时间占比70%-80%。 流利的中英文口语和书写能力,能满足日常和商务沟通的需要。 首选资格、能力和技能: 持有欧洲驾证者优先。 有责任心,工作认真负责。 能够优先考虑多种复杂的情况,以提供成功的结果 适应力强,能在快节奏的工作环境中保持镇静。


上班地址:Düsseldorf, , Deutschland


Geek+ is a global technology company specialized in smart logistics. We apply advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to create solutions for warehouse and factory operations. With the rise of e-commerce and the demand for a faster and more flexible movement of goods, warehouse and manufacturing operators are facing increasingly complex production and logistic challenges today. Speed, product diversification, same-day delivery, volume, safety… these concerns are impacting a wide range of industries, from apparel, retail, automotive, to even electronics, energy and pharmaceutical industries. Geek+ was founded to be the solution to these problems. We make logistics affordable, efficient, flexible, safe and agile. Our vision is to establish a fully automated and intelligent supply chain globally. We are a fast growing team of young professionals. For our European headquarter located in Düsseldorf, Germany we are looking for full time.