Debate and Public Speaking Coach
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Position: Associate Director of Competitive Speech and Leadership The Associate Director of Competitive Speech & Leadership is a competitive educator who strives to improve learning experiences for both our learners and team members. If this sounds like you, your chief responsibilities will be to: • Coach between 8 to 10 debate and public speaking courses per week (16 to 20 hours of coaching). • Evaluate, revise, and implement curricula for LearningLeaders core disciplines: public speaking, debate, and critical reasoning. • Provide insights on how to improve the Elite Debate curricula. • Recruit and train students for speech and debate competitions. In addition to coaching responsibilities, you will develop your leadership, project management, and intercultural communication skills through initiating new ventures within LearningLeaders. Examples of recent successful initiatives include: • Competitions: In 2018, Team China students working with LearningLeaders coaches won the World School’s Debating Championships. In 2017 and 2018 alone, multiple students working with LearningLeaders coaches have won both US and China national championships in multiple debate formats. • Event Management: Hosting debate tournaments, community service events, public speaking training sessions and forums • Partnership opportunities: Summer & winter camps, visiting coaches, teacher training, and corporate coaching.


SUCCESSFUL TEAM MEMBERS Above all, you demonstrate initiative, integrity, and the desire to inspire. You are the team member we are looking for if you possess: • Teamwork • Passionate curiosity and a love of learning • Drive to aim for excellence • Ability to act with initiative • Over four years of experience as a competitive speech at either a secondary or post-secondary educational institution • Over two years of full or part-time speech coaching experience • Solid understanding of IE • Flexibility and adaptability to new environments • Quick wit and a sense of humor • Outstanding linguistic capabilities, both in writing and the spoken word


上班地址:Minhang District or Pudong New Area, Shanghai


At LearningLeaders, we believe that everyone has the right to be heard, respected, and understood. We have developed a systematic approach to empower our learners through fourteen different public speaking and debate courses offered in our LearningCenters here in Shanghai. Long-term, we will create a virtual-reality-based platform and two-sided marketplace that link our world class coaches to learners all over the globe. 在LearningLeaders,我们相信所有人都值得被倾听,被尊重和被理解。 作为在上海一家深耕英文辩论和演讲的公司,我们专长培养学生的逻辑思辨能力,引导学生发展并且有效运用沟通技能。在不久的将来我们还会建立一个VR平台,将我们世界级的教练和各地的学员紧密联系起来。