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  • 发布于2022-10-12

我们正在为一个旨在改善数字地图的内容和质量的项目招聘自由的英语和中文繁体在线数据分析师,该项目被全球数百万用户使用。这份工作适合那些注重细节、喜欢做研究并对国家和地方地理有良好了解的人。 这是一个自由职业者的职位,工作时间灵活,每周最多20小时--只要有工作,你就可以利用自己的时间工作。你将在一个基于网络的环境中完成研究和评估任务,例如核实和比较数据,确定信息的相关性和准确性。我们将为你提供每项任务的指南,你需要遵守这些指南。该项目提供各种任务,工作按任务支付。 We are hiring freelance English & Chinese Traditional speaking Online Data Analyst’s for a project aimed at improving the content and quality of digital maps, which are used by millions of users globally. The job would suit someone who is detail-oriented, likes doing research and has a good knowledge of national and local geography. This is a freelance position on a flexible schedule of up to 20 hours per week - you can work in your own time whenever work is available. You will be completing research and evaluation tasks in a web-based environment, eg verifying and comparing data, determining the relevance and accuracy of information. You will be provided with guidelines for each task, which need to be followed. The project offers a variety of tasks, and work is paid per task. 为什么加入TELUS国际AI社区? 1. 赚取额外收入 2. 享受我们的社区福利计划 3. 远程工作和地点独立 4. 成为您自己的老板 5. 灵活的工作时间以适应您的生活方式 6. 成为网上社区的一员


职位要求: 1. 完整的英语和中文繁体专业能力 2. 你必须在过去连续2年内居住在台湾 3. 能够遵循指南,利用搜索引擎、在线地图和网站信息进行在线研究 4. 你必须熟悉台湾当前和历史上的商业、媒体、体育、新闻、社交媒体和文化事务 5. 愿意在不同的任务类型中工作(如地图、新闻、音频任务、相关性) 6. 申请人必须年满18岁。提交申请时必须附上身份 证验证 Requirements: 1. Full Professional Proficiency in English & Chinese Traditional 2. You must be living in Taiwan the last 2 consecutive years 3. Ability to follow guidelines and do research online using search engines, online maps and website information 4. You must have familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media and cultural affairs in Taiwan 5. Being open to work across a diverse set of Task Types (e.g. Maps, News, Audio tasks, Relevance) 6. Applicants must be 18 years or over. ID verification must be attached when submitting your application




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